Drake Daniels’ ‘All Nations Dance’ single is like a breath of fresh air in this world of meaningless beats and self-indulgence. From the first beat of the title single to the last note of the b-side, ‘All Time Lover,’ Drake Daniels shows that modern dance music does not have to be about mindless rhythms and the droning whirs of which dance enthusiasts have begrudgingly become accustomed.” – DanceBiz Magazine

The first time I heard this single, I was impressed. But on repeat listening, I really began to feel the raw talent and rhythmic beauty of Drake Daniels first single outing. ‘All Nations Dance’ is a powerful and moving first effort. I can’t wait to hear more of what this promising artist will deliver.” – Future Music Press

The real power of ‘All Nations Dance’ is in its message. For such a rich song to deliver such meaningful words is rare in the dance music world, let alone in other genres of music. If Bruce Springsteen can deliver as powerful a message in as tempting of a package, I’d be surprised. Look out, everyone, because Drake Daniels is going to make a lasting impression on the music industry.” – Record Buzz Quarterly